Modding Angel Eyes

    Prologue: I bought a vehicle - a scooter. Well, of course, immediately I wanted to do collective-farm tuning with its modding. There was a desire to do something, but could not think of anything. A friend noticed a BMW car in the yard. He asked him about angel eyes, he said that he didn’t have them, dear ones. From this moment I had a desire to make angel eyes.
    He made many designs, but they did not give the desired result. As a result, I made 2 boards for each "eye", soldered there SMD LEDs from a safely wired Chinese LED strip. The choice was made - I decided to take the LEDs, since real angel eyes are expensive for the price ... Moreover, we are not looking for easy ways.

    Alas, I didn’t. Therefore, I will simply show the final result.

    I rode with these eyes a little over a year. But, as a rule, every pilot of two-wheeled vehicles in the winter tries to improve his horse, so I decided to return to modding my scooter again. There was an idea to upgrade these "angel eyes." He sat, scratched his head and beard, decided to make a small lotion with which these eyes would blink. Since I’m not good at programming, I turned for help to a friend who was involved in creating this device .

    We discussed what and how ... I gave those the task from which it all began. The idea was as follows - when turned on, the eyes light up smoothly, and then I can switch the modes that I originally invented 2:
    - eyes work in prophase
    - eyes turn on in turn

    Everything was realized only in the proteus, then it was my turn to buy spare parts and make a printed circuit board. With the help of LUT I made a board, bought parts, assembled, flashed, a friend debugged the firmware - everything was fine. But, as it turned out later, there was still enough memory in the controller and my mentality did not allow this not to be used, therefore, another modification of this device followed. In particular, a few more modes were added. The author of the firmware, Aleksey, suggested a small idea - with the dimensions turned off (not always the evening), the ability to blink, say hello to someone was added. Actually, this could not have been done, but the bi-xenon (previously set) was a pity to torment with constant flashes, because I burned 1 ignition with such manipulations. Solved - do it! The firmware was brought to mind and the device worked. It was also decided to add a third ignition channel - for the dashboard and dimensions. However, there is but - due to the use of transistors rather than ULN2003, the current per channel is limited to 500mAh. The microcircuit is a set of powerful composite keys with protective diodes at the output. The presence of protective diodes allows you to connect inductive loads without additional protection against reverse voltage surges.

    I spread the schematic diagram:

    And firmware in * .rom and * .hex formats.

    I also post the video for demonstration (I shot it on the phone). There was an insatiable desire to collect everything as it should, lay wires, etc., but it was cold outside, it was cold in the garage ... he defeated me ...

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