Japanese scanner digitizes a book at 250 pages per minute

    An article on a scanner developed by a Google employee was recently published on Habré . The design allows you to scan a book of 1000 pages in 90 minutes. But there are even more productive devices. The Japanese recently introduced a scanner that can digitize the same 1000 pages in 4 minutes (!). The claimed productivity is 250 pages per minute. Description of the scanner and video with a demonstration of its work - to be continued.

    The scanner was called BFS-Auto (book flipping scanning), and it was created through the efforts of engineers / scientists at the University of Tokyo (Iskawa Oku Laboratory). The fact is that it was this laboratory for a long time that developed the technology of high-speed shooting of objects in motion with normal focus. The Japanese decided to use their technology (as we see, it is already ready) in practice.

    The implementation, as you can see, is very good. The book is placed on a special stand, plus there is a device that turns over the pages of the book. An open book is photographed using lasers (they form a grid on the surface). At the same time, photographing is carried out immediately from several angles, after which all three frames are automatically merged. The developers claim that their method avoids the distortions that usually occur with standard scanning.

    The Japanese plan to sell their device, however, the price is still unknown. Most likely, BFS-Auto went on sale in 2013, the exact date, unfortunately, is also unknown.

    And here is the video:

    Via k2.tu-tokyo.ac.jp

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