AWS: ElastiCache - Four New Types of Caching Nodes

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    Most likely everyone heard about Memcached - an open source distributed system for caching objects in RAM. But in order to use it, you need to have your own server on which you need to install Memcached, configure it and then maintain it in working condition.

    Amazon provides a ready-made cloud service ElastiCache, which allows you to quickly and easily start using a caching system in the cloud, like Memcached, without the need for manual installation, configuration and monitoring.

    Today it became known that there are 4 new types of ElastiCache instances.

    List of new instance types:
    • cache.t1.micro has 213 MB of RAM for caching, and 1 virtual core.
    • cache.m1.medium has 3.35 GB of RAM for caching, and 1 virtual
    • cache.m3.xlarge has 14.6 GB of RAM for caching, and 4 virtual
    • cache.m3.2xlarge has 33.8 GB of RAM for caching, and 8 virtual cores.

    If you use the youngest instance, cache.t1.micro, then $ 16 is released in a month. Read more about pricing here: ElastiCache pricing .

    Like all other cloud services, ElastiCache provides the Pay-as-You-Go opalta model, i.e. You need to pay only for the resources that you used.

    The best part is scalability out of the box. You can increase or decrease the performance of a service in a few clicks.

    Here is a video of the ElasticCache webinar with a demo:

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