Opera extension: search the open site 1.1

    On November 6, the final version of the Opera 12.10 browser was released. One of the innovations is the Context Menu API, the long-awaited work with the context menu. The result is a new version of the “Site Search” extension (not to be confused with Ctrl + F).

    On many sites, it’s not easy to find the information you need due to the fact that the site search does not work or works very badly. My extension solves this problem using popular search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.).

    Download and install from the Opera extensions directory

    Before you use the extension for the first time, you must restart the browser.

    There are two use cases:

    1. Enter a query in the search form.

    After entering the text in a new tab, a search engine will open with a list of pages of the current (open) site that have the text you are looking for.

    2. Search from the context menu.

    The extension is configured to work in the search engines Google, Yandex, Bing and Baidu. To select a search engine, go to Tools -> Extensions -> Manage extensions (or press Ctrl + Shift + E) -> InSite Search extension settings. If you wish, you can open the search results in the current window and disable Google Instant.

    Fans of the FireFox browser can use the same extension for their browser .

    A new version (1.1.1) has been released. Fixed a bug with the encoding of Russian words in the context menu.

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