FileCorrupter utility for testing products on broken input

Breaking - not building? In fact this is not true. When your task is to verify that the program is working on incorrect data, it becomes necessary to introduce intentional damage to the files.

For OfficeRecovery, restoring corrupted data is a core business. Therefore, it is very important for us to have an extensive set of faulty files for tests. For these purposes, the FileCorrupter utility was developed, which we offer to everyone for free.

Usage example

When developing software, one often encounters situations where users complain that the application crashes when trying to open a file.

Often this situation occurs due to incorrect data in the file. Although the code of your program may not be to blame for the fact that the input data is corrupted, the best behavior on the part of the application would be to detect invalid input data and give an adequate error message.

To make sure that your application processes errors correctly, you can offer it to open a file that was previously corrupted with FileCorrupter.

OfficeRecovery FileCorrupter - file corruption utility


FileCorrupter can “beat” files as in the simple “Simple Mode” mode, where a certain percentage of file blocks are randomly beaten. There is also a “Professional Mode”, where you can set various parameters for damage: the value by which blocks will be overwritten, offset, etc.

Use wisely

The utility does not claim to be a full-fledged product. It was implemented exclusively for solving internal problems and is intended for use by professional programmers and testers who understand well what they are doing.

Warning! Before you spoil the data, think carefully about whether you have a backup of what you are going to mess up. OfficeRecovery is not responsible for the results of using FileCorrupter. The program is provided “as is”. By downloading it, you accept full responsibility for the consequences of its use.

Download: OfficeRecovery FileCorrupter.exe, 1.7Mb .

We hope that FileCorrupter will be useful in developing your products.

Do you test the performance of your products on invalid input?

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