Nothing to do with innovation

    Today’s top post with a link to the “next smartphone review”. And without that, a not-so-long post can be conveyed even shorter, with the words: go with your smartphones, I need a battery! I will answer it, not only because it was my review , but also because the topic raised excites me too.

    To hell with such innovations!

    Batteries on modern smartphones are tears, of course. When I switched from a regular phone to smartphones, I experienced a period of frustration when I did not understand why with the active use mode - why buy a phone with a bunch of bells and whistles if you are not going to use them? - The battery is literally melting before our eyes. But then, looking around, I discovered that this is so for everyone.

    But you don’t have to interfere with everything - the screen size and resolution are one of the key parameters for the convenience of using them now. Axis, processor and downward. And each user chooses what is more important to him - the ability to check mail, make routes and chat on the go, or not charge the phone every day. You can, of course, do so - walk with a simple telephone. This is normal - many people really do not need to check their mail every half an hour, they know their city and they don’t need maps, photographing the fun they see is a whim for someone, but there is a player for music and radio. You can wait until the engineers finally make a powerful and compact battery - there is no doubt that this will happen. And you can use the opportunities of progress in other areas now, accepting the rules of the game. Not that it was a great choice, but these are the realities - progress in microelectronics and software engineering does not have to be accompanied by the same progress in more fundamental hardware disciplines. After all, there is no problem in making now a phone with a battery with which it will work reliably for at least a day. Only he will weigh a pound more.

    It doesn’t occur to us to publicly resent the need to spend 8-10 hours a day sleeping, to regain our strength, or the fact that we spend a couple of hours several times a day on food so that, again, we don’t die. But some are not limited to this program at least, but find the strength to play sports. Do you know how infuriating me the need to move my mortal body in space? Although the thoughts of such a plan, I’m sure, came to everyone’s head, but few decide to write the post “hey you, I’ll spoil myself until the engineers invent a teleportator so that my shit can immediately go down the drain” - because it knows that they will answer him.

    I will not be afraid, and give a link to a video that has fallen on everyone’s teeth, where the American comedian asks the sacramental question: why on earth does a person decide that he owes something about the existence of which he learned 10 minutes ago? In general, I am not against such posts in principle, and some part of me welcomes the cries of indignation with a quiet "heeeee" - because you can and should talk about your needs. I was outraged by another - innovation, why kick? Due to the fact that the batteries in the phones are weak, progress in other areas cannot be called incredible. Entire behavioral patterns change before our eyes in a matter of years, thanks to the development of communication technologies and the growth of their mobility.

    Let us return once again to what the javascript user hit was aimed at :

    • Huge screen !!!
    • More than 320 dpi !!!
    • 4-core processor !!!
    • Separate GPU !!!
    • 12000000 pixel camera !!!
    • 4G / LTE / WiFi n-standard !!!
    • GPS / A-GPS / NFC / Bluetooth !!!
    • For only 600 euros !!!

    - in this list there is exactly one really useless line - precisely because of the physical limitations on the sizes that have not yet been circumvented. Everything else is truly progress. Which, thank God, goes forward regardless of.

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