GitLab moves from Azure to the Google Cloud Platform. Moving news and maintenance dates

Original author: David Smith
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News on moving from Azure to the Google Cloud Platform

Translation of a post from the blog is scheduled for July 28 to move to the Google Cloud Platform. We tell you how it will turn out for you now and in the future.

For us, the priority was always to improve the performance and reliability of . Both gradually grew, and in the meantime we were planning major changes that could provide a real breakthrough: make GitLab a cloud ( cloud native ) application for Kubernetes.

We are ready to take a big step towards cloud native: move from Azure to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Azure was an excellent provider for us, but GCP better supports Cuberntes, which is important for our far-reaching plans. And there will be an immediate effect, including encrypted data storage enabled by default and faster caching due to tight integration of GCP with our CDN.

Maintenance time for migration to GCP

The blog has a post about migration , and here we briefly inform the community that we are planning to migrate next weekend (July 28). Maintenance will take place in 2 stages, what we all notify.

What you should know:

During maintenance, the following services will be unavailable:

• SaaS website ( will be unavailable, but and will continue to work)
• Git ssh
• Git https
• registry
• CI / CD

July 21, Saturday, at 13:00 UTC (16:00 Moscow time)

As part of testing, we are conducting a short maintenance on this Saturday, July 21, at 16:00 Moscow time . This is the final readiness check. Maintenance will take 1 hour.

July 28, Saturday, at 10:00 UTC (13:00 Moscow time)

On the day of the move we will start maintenance at 13:00 Moscow time. According to the plans, will be stopped for 2 hours. If something changes, we will report through the channels listed below. At the end of this period, will run on GCP.

GitLab status page
GitLab status tweeter

Individual domains on GitLab Pages

If you have an individual domain on GitLab Pages :

• We will leave the proxy, you will have time to change the DNS.
• From July 28, GitLab Pages will move to
• Do not change the DNS to the new address until we complete the migration.
• We will separately report on a blog when the GitLab Pages address in Azure is disabled.

If during migration you need support, write to GitLab Support .

Wish us good luck!

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