The future of online consultants

    Today, online sales in Russia are becoming increasingly popular, market competition is growing, online stores have to fight not only for the amount of traffic, but also for quality: converting visitors to customers. And for this it is necessary to conduct a dialogue with the user. A modern solution for communication with customers is an online consultant.


    At first, the simplest forms of communication were used to contact the online store — telephone, email, and the feedback form. But all of them are united by one big drawback - the visitor has to make too many gestures: pick up the phone and call, go into the mail and scribble a letter or even fill out the form, leaving your e-mail unclear to anyone.

    Over time, online consultation services began to appear: from stores it was only necessary to place a small code on the pages of the site, and the user could see the messenger right in the browser with the manager sitting on that end. Isn't it a miracle?

    We omit the discussion of stores where an online consultant opens in a huge pop-up window with a proposal to chat. Buyers probably do not like them, just like annoying sellers in shopping centers.

    But in that case, there is a problem that reduces conversion. Online stores, unlike regular ones, work around the clock, without breaks and weekends. This means that visitors expect a prompt response from the store at any time of the day, even at night. What is the solution to this problem?

    Smart online consultants!


    I will briefly list the capabilities of - SaaS solutions for organizing online consultations :

    • On the operator side, communication is carried out using any jabber client.
    • Operator response templates, statistics and dialog history.
    • Simultaneous work of several operators.
    • No registration for users, dialogs are not lost when surfing the site, cross-browser messenger.
    • Easy installation, the ability to customize the chat window.

    And now the most delicious: knows how to imitate a dialogue with a visitor without the participation of a manager, i.e. automatically: at the first contact of the visitor, the answering machine greets and asks for his name, and after a while he asks to leave a postal address or phone number. The answering machine, referring to employment, will politely end the dialogue and save the chat data in the database:

    In the morning, having arrived at the workplace, the manager will see all the dialogs with users in the message history and will be able to contact potential buyers via the indicated contacts. Such functionality of the service helps to significantly increase the conversion of the online store.

    And what development, in your opinion, awaits online consultants in the future?

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