Do I need a book on Hadoop?

    I wanted to consult with you. Do I need a book on Hadoop?

    On Amazon, this book attracted my attention, but there is no clarity: should I publish it in Russian?


    Abstract In

    this guide, you will learn how to create and maintain reliable, scalable, distributed systems with Apache Hadoop. This book is ideal for programmers to analyze data of any size, and for administrators who want to install and run Hadoop clusters.
    The publication covers the latest Hadoop changes, including materials on the new MapReduce runtime called MapReduce 2, which is based on YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator), a common resource management system for distributed applications.
    It is described:
    • Storage of large data sets with Hadoop and Distributed File System (HDFS)
    • Launch of distributed computing with MapReduce
    • Use of Hadoop and I / O data, blocks for compression, data integrity, serialization (including Avro)
    • Advanced functions for writing real programs MapReduce
    • Design, create and administer dedicated Hadoop clusters or run Hadoop in the cloud
    • Download data from relational databases to HDFS using Sqoop
    • Perform data processing with Pig query language
    • Analyze data, Hadoop data warehouse
    • HBase for For structured and partially structured data

    About the author

    Tom White has been the head of Apache Hadoop since February 2007 and is a member of the Apache Software Foundation. He works for Cloudera, a company created to support and train Hadoop technology. He was previously an independent consultant to Hadoop. He has authored numerous articles for O'Reilly, and IBM DeveloperWorks, and has spoken at several conferences, including the 2008 ApacheCon at Hadoop. Tom earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Cambridge University and a master's degree in philosophy of science from the University of Leeds, UK.


    Thank you for your answers.

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