SHORT'Y - October 24 short news release



    The Ubuntu Linux operating system is matched to tablets, starting with the flagship Android tablet Google Nexus 7. Ubuntu developer Victor Palau has published a short video showing the OS on this device. For people far from the topic, the name of the operating system sounds intimidating. But believe me: there is nothing terrible in this news. Even more: the price of tablets due to the open operating system may decrease!


    Samsung, as you probably know, is currently the largest supplier of electronic components for Apple's mobile devices. This may seem strange if you recall the numerous lawsuits between Apple and Samsung. But there is no alternative yet and sworn friends continue to work together. However, if you believe the publication of the Korea Times, from 2013 Samsung will stop supplying LCD screens for the American company. They have already found a replacement for the supplier: LG will come to the fore in this role.


    The Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo will launch a call transfer service on mobile phones on November 1. This is not just about the next translator, but about a free service, thanks to which the translation will be carried out automatically, in real time and completely free. During a conversation, the user not only hears the translation of the phrase of his interlocutor, but also sees the translated text on the phone screen. However, there are two conditions. First, the owner must have a phone running Android 2.2 or later. Secondly, you must be an NTT Docomo subscriber.
    Remember where free cheese is?

    #the Internet

    Another major transaction has been completed on the Internet market: a group of investors acquires for $ 1.6 billion. This resource helps users create their family tree. Ancestry lives on a monthly fee of between $ 13 and $ 35. The net profit of the resource in 2011 amounted to more than $ 300 million.
    Russification of the resource in the plans of investors does not yet appear. Apparently, they are afraid that some of us will find in the ancestors of Peter the Great and finally cut down the window to Europe ...


    Rice University in the United States has a training course on the role-playing game Skyrim. The full name of the course sounds like “Scandinavian fictional worlds: ancient Nordic sagas and Skyrim”. Students who decide to enroll in the course will be able to get acquainted with the epic and fantasy as the driving force of the gaming industry and compare Scandinavian and Icelandic legends with various storylines from the game. And in seminars, students will learn the “Song of Dovakin” and train their tumum.

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