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    It happens that Habr is read, world news has been studied, a new book has not been started and I want some high-quality technical information - notes from programmers, links to interesting news from Western colleagues and just geeks. How to be in this case? You can turn to the Western technical blogosphere, fortunately, there is plenty to choose from. But the domestic blogosphere with a programmer and geek bias is able to please the most picky reader. Under the cut, links to the most curious (according to the author) blogs of Russian IT leaders are collected. On Habré there was already something similar, but without a description and a clear theme. The blogs given here will be more interesting to programmers. 1.http

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    The blog of Ivan Sagalaev - a programmer, architect and evangelist. In the past, Ivan was the head of the content services development group at Yandex. In his blog, he talks about parallel and asynchronous computing, high workloads, and also parses the guts of Django. Many notes are backed up by examples that the Yandex team actually encountered when developing various services.

    Ivan is the author of many famous libraries (perhaps the most famous are IJSON and highlight.js ). There are also notes on their development on the blog.

    Among other things, the site has a forum where experienced and not so Django-programmers hang out discussing various issues related to this framework.

    Linkblog of Grigory Bakunov - formerly deputy. Head of Yandex Development, and now Director of Technology Distribution at Yandex. Gregory is known to many readers of Habr as one of the leading radio-t IT podcasts ; he is also known on twitter .

    In his link blog, he conducts an experiment - reads the news exactly one hour a day and shares the most interesting of them with the readers of his link blog (though he doesn’t do this always, because he’s busy). The blog contains links to a variety of topics - from interesting videos on youtube, to rare libraries and descriptions of various technologies. Each link is accompanied by a brief description of Bobuk, from which, incidentally, looms his attitude to various modern technologies (probably because of his interesting and authoritative opinion he became such a popular blogger).

    By the way, anyone can participate in filling the blog with links.

    3. Blog by Dmitry Soshnikov
    Dmitry Soshnikov is a recognized national authority in the field of ECMAscript. In his blog, he talks about various subtleties of the language, gives examples of the implementation of the Javascript core in Javascript (this is really very cool), talks about certain hidden features. I believe that anyone who programs in the slightest degree on JS should familiarize themselves with his work.

    By the way, the link above does not lead to the main page of his blog (where there are mainly links to translations), but to a description of the Javascript core with cross-references to notes on other subtleties of the language.

    4. Blog of Roman Vorushin
    Roman is a Google Zürich developer and has long been an interesting blog about his life, web development, Python and Django. Many programmers who searched for answers to various questions often ran into notes on Roman's blog.

    5. Alena C ++
    Alena Sagalaeva, on the Internet better known as Alena C ++, by the way, the wife of Ivan Sagalaev mentioned here. Alena works at Bing and has a blog about various geek things, of course with a focus on C ++. Her blog also frequently links to other interesting posts.

    6. Blog of Dmitry Borodin
    The entire blog is represented by two posts that are of the greatest value - in them Dmitry talks about the device highload applications. Dmitry himself is a leading developer (or just a director, here I can be wrong) in a company that has developed the most popular VKontakte applications - Topface , VKourse and others. These applications withstand tremendous loads with relatively modest resources. A few years ago, Dmitry quite abruptly broke me off at an interview, which aroused interest in his person and the architecture of highload applications advertised by him.

    We can say that in his LiveJournal, not so much notes are of special value as his responses to comments. According to his answers, you can approximately reproduce the architecture used in his team, which really allows you to scale any project unlimitedly horizontally (tested on your own experience).

    By the way, architecture itself is not a big secret - Dmitry eagerly talks about it at master classes, which, however, do not take place very often.

    7. slonik-v-domene
    Blog by Andrey Shetukhin - Head of Development, Rambler. About C, C ++, * NIX, such a cool thing as   CTPP and mail. Briefly, rudely and with humor - that’s what you need.

    Instead of a conclusion

    In the note, I examined 7 blogs - those that were useful to me before or are useful and informative now. I would be grateful to the habrachitateli for links to other interesting copyright blogs.

    Pay attention to the design of blogs - it is practically absent. There is only text and headings - nothing more. Perhaps this is the recipe for an ideal (read successful) blog.

    PS Screenshots were made using the service .

    PS2. I collect such links to all sorts of interesting notes, news and articles in my link blog , which anyone can write to.

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