How much do top LJ bloggers earn?

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    One of the top bloggers of LiveJournal has published its own study, which shares information on how much people earn from their magazines from the top of the most popular blogging service. The research method is quite simple - the author simply asked not the most delicate question and received an answer, which can be treated with varying degrees of confidence.

    In general, we can conclude that being a top blogger is a very profitable activity. First of all, the most famous and easiest way to monetize your blog - advertising - is used most often by the owners of their magazines and the prices for an advertising post are as follows:

    • zyalt does not hesitate to take 100 thousand rubles for an advertising post;
    • tema unsubscribed by mail that he can post information on his blog for 300 thousand rubles (!!!);
    • exler will advertise you for 60 thousand rubles;
    • sergeydolya takes 150 thousand rubles for a post (though he says he spends them on charity and community projects);
    • ibigdan estimates the advertising post on his blog in the range from 300 to 1,500 dollars, let it be an average of 900, well, or translated into rubles - about 30 thousand rubles .;
    • ottenki_serogo will write a report about your event for 30 thousand rubles;
    • prostitutka_ket will post your post for 100 thousand rubles.

    Advertising prices alone do not give a complete picture of such a way of earning money, since the frequency of its appearance on the blog pages is interesting here. The author of the study estimates this parameter on average as three to five days with discounts for various periods of the calendar year.

    The second method of monetization - the placement of banners - is apparently not very popular with bloggers, so it’s just reported that the cost of placing them with a prostitutka_ket banner for a period of one month costs 50 thousand rubles.

    Thus, the author estimates the average monthly income of bloggers in such quantities:

    • zyalt - 600 thousand rubles;
    • tema - 1.8 million rubles;
    • exler - 360 thousand rubles;
    • sergeydolya - 900 thousand rubles;
    • ibigdan - 180 thousand rubles;
    • ottenki_serogo - 300 thousand rubles;
    • prostitutka_ket - 750 thousand rubles.

    Further, the costs of maintaining a blog at a commercial level are also estimated - in other words, its promotion in the LJ ranking and filling it with high-quality and interesting content. The costs of attracting one friend and the rather obvious idea are given that bloggers who describe travel in their magazines, if they make it at their own expense, should take into account the cost of travel, as well as the possession of high-quality photo equipment.

    The following is a calculation of the cost of a particular blog, taking into account the number of friends and various correction factors, and it turns out that the most significant financially is the LiveJournal blog of designer Artemy Lebedev.

    UPD : there is also an alternative, but also more skeptical reviewrevenue of top bloggers from Alex Exler, based on which we can conclude that the initial analysis contains clearly high estimates. Thanks stalkers
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