The order of delegation of new gTLDs will determine the lot

    More than three months have passed since the time when ICANN canceled Digital Archery, an unusual procedure by which it was planned to determine the sequence of consideration of applications for new top-level domains.

    And only today, ICANN announced a new way of determining the priority - no longer reviewing applications (ICANN decided to consider all applications at once), but starting negotiations on a contract, preliminary testing, and, finally, delegation of a new gTLD.

    The order will be determined by lot. The fact that such a simple decision was not immediately taken is due to the fact that California has laws prohibiting lotteries. Only non-commercial raffles are allowed, and permission to hold this event must be requested from the relevant state authorities. ICANN has applied for a draw, which is due by the end of November this year.

    The draw will be held in the first half of December - between the 4th and the 15th of this month. ICANN notes that the rally will be held manually to avoid incidents related to possible software errors, as was the case with Digital Archery.

    ICANN plans to negotiate a contract and pre-test with no more than 20 applicants per week. No more than 1000 new domains will be delegated per year. Preference will be given to non-Latin (IDN) domains.

    The first negotiations on the terms of the contract with applicants for new domains and preliminary testing will be held after the ICANN meeting in Beijing in April 2013. The delegation of the first new gTLDs will take place in the second or third quarter of 2013.

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