Overview of Laser CNC LaserSolid machines

    Hello! With you Top 3D Shop and today we will tell you about the LaserSolid line of laser machines. Since most of their characteristics are similar, and the differences mainly relate to the laser power and the area of ​​the workpiece, for example, we analyze LaserSolid 690 - the most popular model of the line.

    LaserSolid 690

    Machine Specifications

    • Dimensions, mm: 1500x1140x1050
    • Weight, kg: 300
    • Laser power, W: 60 (optional 80 and 100)
    • Data Port: USB 2.0
    • Size of the working field, mm: 900 x 600
    • Resolution DPI: 2500
    • Control System: Texas 32 Bit DSP
    • Engraving speed, mm / s: 250 (800 after setting)
    • Laser type: CO2
    • File types: Plt, Dxf, Bmp, Ai, Dst
    • Engraving Accuracy: 0.01 mm
    • Power supply: 110V or 220-240V / 50 ~ 60Hz
    • Cooling: Water cooling of the laser tube + air cooling nozzle.
    • Motor Type: Stepper
    • Price: 369 900 rubles.

    Also in the presence of a more affordable version with the index Light, characterized by the absence of air cooling. LaserSolid 690 Light costs 319 900 rubles.


    This professional device is designed for cutting and engraving various materials, from wood and plastic, to leather and ceramics. Used in the manufacture of promotional items, souvenirs, furniture and decor.

    This CNC machine can also be used for cutting fabric, engraving, making cases of various devices and toys.


    LaserSolid 690 works with materials such as: balsa, foam rubber, isolon, paper and cardboard of different density, wood, furniture composites, veneer and plywood, wood, artificial stone, leather and leather substitutes, laminates, self-adhesive and double-layer films, linoleum, PVC, acrylic, including plexiglass, foam board, polyurethane foams and foams, a wide range of plastics and composite materials, rubber, fabric.


    At the heart of the LaserSolid 690 carbon dioxide laser. Its power depends on the configuration, in the standard set it is 60 watts.

    The life of the laser tube is about 10,000 hours.

    The kit, in addition to the machine itself, includes a chiller to reduce the temperature of the water in the cooling circuit, an air-cooled compressor for the cutter head, an exhaust fan with an air duct, and a set of cords, cables, tubes and fasteners needed to start the machine.

    In more detail about the device of the machine and subtleties of work with it you can read here .


    Additional options include removable 80 and 100 watt laser tubes, a more powerful version of the chiller, an autofocus module, a device for circular engraving, and a cellular table for cutting fabric.


    Machine LaserSolid 690 is very easy to prepare for work. The first five seconds after power on, calibration takes place.

    Next, you need to install the workpiece.

    The next step is to determine the focal length. To do this, turn on the laser and make a trial burn. The laser designator point must be combined with the burning point from the working laser.

    The last step - start to work.

    The maximum possible speed of operation is 1000 mm / s, stable quality is achievable at 800 mm / s. The default software speed limit is 250 mm / s and is easily disabled.

    You can create and prepare an image using a vector editor or computer-aided design system, such as AutoCAD.

    Then the working sketch is loaded into the AutoLaser program.

    This free software allows you to create in each of the project files up to 254 processes with different intensity and speed.

    The file, ready to work, is transferred to the machine directly from a computer, via a USB flash drive or via a local network.

    LaserSolid 690 can work with a variety of materials, which are dozens. Do not be afraid to experiment with power and speed, there are no secret formulas here - the most suitable mode for each material and each process is established empirically.

    Forty minutes later, a large element of decor with many small details is ready.

    We see smooth contours, uniform filling and the absence of through-burning, which speaks of the high-quality work of the device and sufficient, but not excessive laser power.

    The thickness of the plywood blanks on the photo - 6 mm. The machine can cut plywood with a thickness of up to 10 mm and acrylic up to 12 mm.

    LaserSolid 690 is easy to maintain and operate.

    The absence of plastic parts in critical assemblies and a good-quality assembly increase the reliability of the device and the quality of work, which makes this machine a versatile professional tool.

    Other models

    LaserSolid 530 and 530 Light

    • The area of ​​the desktop, mm: 300x500
    • Laser power, W: 50
    • Resolution, dpi: 1000
    • Engraving speed, mm / s: 300, 200 (Light)
    • Head movement speed, mm / s: 800, 500 (Light)
    • Water cooling.
    • Price, rub .: 189 900 , 129 900 (Light)

    LaserSolid 1290 and 1490 ,
    LaserSolid 1690 and 1316

    Models identical to the LaserSolid 690 Light, differ in size of the working area and price.
    LaserSolid 1290 - desktop, mm .: 900 x 1200 - price: 374 900 rub.
    LaserSolid 1490 - desktop, mm .: 900 x 1400 - price: 459 900 rub.
    LaserSolid 1690 - desktop, mm .: 900 x 1600 - price: 499 900 rub.
    LaserSolid 1316 - desktop, mm .: 1300 x 1600 - price: 555 500 rub.

    LaserSolid 1325

    Large laser machine, mainly for furniture production. It features a large working area and standard 100-watt laser tube.

    • Size of the working field, mm .: 1300 x 2500
    • Laser power, W: 100
    • Price, rub .: 659 900

    More profitable than Ali

    Buying equipment in Top 3D Shop is more profitable than on Ali Express.
    Since 2010, in the Russian Federation there are restrictions on the weight and cost of parcels, which constitute 1000 euros and 31 kg. If these parameters are exceeded, additional payments are made for both weight and cost.

    So, for a machine heavier than 31 kg and more expensive is 72,800 rubles (at the exchange rate at the time of publication) customs will charge you 30% of its price for exceeding the cost and another 30% of the price for the preponderance (but not less than 4 euros per kilogram of overweight) .

    That is, buying in China a 300-pound machine for 1001 euros you pay:
    - 1001 euros to the seller;
    - delivery, for example, free (although this is not always the case);
    - 300.3 euros for the excess cost;
    - 300-31 = 269; 269x4 = 1076 euros for the advantage.
    Total: 2377.30 euros.

    Overpayment - more than two times the price of a Chinese store.

    Our prices are on machines located in Russia. When buying a machine in the Top 3D Shop you are spared from puzzling calculations and immense overpayments.

    In addition, buying a machine from us you get high-quality technical support, commissioning, service and warranty in Russia, without the need to send a warranty machine abroad at your own expense and wait for its return.

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