Deleting items in a photo

    How to remove an object in a photo so that there is no black spot? So that other objects would take the place of this object, and no one would notice it? For a long time it was believed that this task was almost unsolvable. Such pseudo-solutions were proposed, for example, to cover up a hole with some texture:

    Finally, at the SIGGRAPH conference in 2007, it was offered unique in its functionality and capabilities decision. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of watching this unique report (in English):

    This method immediately impressed me with its revolutionary nature. It's nice to see that this solution is already used today in the latest versions of PhotoShop, as well as in custom programs, for example this one:

    So, the method is very simple.
    a) A map of the density of the gradient field is compiled.
    b) Curves are drawn through the object to be removed along which the density of the gradient field is minimal. These curves “collapse”, the pixels located on them are deleted. (The image size is reduced by N pixels in width).
    c) In the new image, there is again a curve along which the density of the gradient field is minimal. It is duplicated, i.e. each pixel is replaced by two. (The size of the image increases by 1 pixel in width).
    d) Step c) is repeated N times.

    As a result, the selected object is completely erased. The photo remains the same size as it was. In 99% of cases, editing traces cannot be noticed, even with the help of special programs.

    UPDATE: As it turned out, this technology has already been discussed on Habr’s here at , which is very nice.

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