Google Chrome vs File Downloader


    I discovered a funny nuance today in working with Google Chrome, namely, I managed to stop this very work
    as follows:
    1. First, go to any site where you can add files (but preferably pictures / photos), say on the same .com / imghp
    2. Select “Download File” -> “Select File”.
    3. In the explorer that opens, find any picture and, now carefully (!), Drag it with the mouse to the browser, thereby creating a new tab with it.
    4. Complete the download with any other image.
    5. Enjoy browser attempts to comprehend what is happening.

    From observations it is also known that previously used pictures do not cause errors, only new ones. It does not work in 100% of cases. Usually in * .png format, but if the path is long (the only justification I noticed), then * .jpg will do. Plus, the probability of error is higher, the heavier the picture will be in a new tab.

    Actually, the experiment was conducted on a fresh, stable build: Google Chrome: 21.0.1180.89 Laptop
    with Windows 7 Ultimate on board.

    By the way, none of the browsers at hand, including IE9, Firefox 12, Maxthon, initially provide the ability to play the 3rd item.

    (Maybe where there was already a mention. I didn’t seem to find it).

    upd: User masterrr kindly provided a video tutorial on reproducing the error (even one point on the list is shorter), for which I thank him.

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