Positive Technologies Webinar: “Mobile Communications (Evolution and Standards)”

    Over the past decade, mobile technology has firmly entered our lives, and a mobile phone from a luxury item has become a means of everyday communication. At any moment to have access to the necessary information, always and everywhere to be in touch - an urgent need for today. Even mobile video calling is far from fantastic ...

    Why have mobile technologies become so affordable? How will they develop further? Will mobile data transfer rates continue to grow? To answer many questions in detail, we have developed a series of webinars on mobile technology.

    On Thursday, September 20, during the introductory webinar, we will consider the following topics:

    • evolution of mobile communication standards and technologies (from 1G to 4G);
    • standards architecture (GSM, UMTS, LTE);
    • examples of combining different standards in a single network.

    The purpose of the webinar is to talk about the history of technology development (in particular, the transition from GSM to LTE) and to prepare students for a deep immersion in the world of mobile devices during our further online seminars.

    Presenter - Sergey Puzankov, information security specialist at Positive Technologies.
    To participate in the webinar, you must register .

    Webinar date: 09/20/2012 2:00 p.m.

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