PostgreSQL Active Session History - New pgsentinel extension

    The pgsentinel company has released the pgsentinel extension of the same name ( github repository ), which adds the pg_active_session_history view to PostgreSQL - the history of active sessions (by analogy with v $ active_session_history).

    In fact, these are simply every second snapshots of pg_stat_activity, but there are important points:

    1. All accumulated information is stored only in RAM, and the amount of memory consumed is governed by the number of last stored records.
    2. The queryid field is added - the same queryid from the pg_stat_statements extension (pre-installation is required).
    3. The top_level_query field is added - the text of the request from which the current request was called (if pl / pgsql is used)

    Full list of pg_active_session_history fields:
          Column | Type           
    ------------------ + --------------------------
     ash_time | timestamp with time zone
     datid | oid                      
     datname | text                     
     pid | integer                  
     usesysid | oid                      
     usename | text                     
     application_name | text                     
     client_addr | text                     
     client_hostname | text                     
     client_port | integer                  
     backend_start | timestamp with time zone
     xact_start       | timestamp with time zone 
     query_start      | timestamp with time zone 
     state_change     | timestamp with time zone 
     wait_event_type  | text                     
     wait_event       | text                     
     state            | text                     
     backend_xid      | xid                      
     backend_xmin     | xid                      
     top_level_query  | text                     
     query            | text                     
     queryid          | bigint                   
     backend_type     | text                     

    There is no ready package for installation yet. It is proposed to download the source code and build the library yourself. You first need to install a “devel” package for your server and set the path to pg_config in the PATH variable. We collect:
    cd pgsentinel / src
    make install

    Add parameters to postgres.conf:
    shared_preload_libraries = 'pg_stat_statements, pgsentinel'
    track_activity_query_size = 2048
    pg_stat_statements.track = all

    # the number of recent records held in memory
    pgsentinel_ash.max_entries = 10000

    Restart PostgreSQL and create an extension:
    create extension pgsentinel;

    Accumulated information allows you to answer questions such as:

    • On what expectations did the session spend the most time?
    • What sessions were most active?
    • What requests were most active?

    You can get answers to these questions, of course, with SQL queries, but it is more convenient to see it clearly on the graph, highlighting the time intervals with the mouse. You can do this using the free program PASH-Viewer (you can download the collected binaries in the Releases section ).

    When PASH-Viewer is started (starting with version 0.4.0) it checks the presence of the pg_active_session_history view and, if it exists, loads the entire accumulated history from it and continues to read new incoming data, updating the chart every 15 seconds.


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