Siemens builds a very large wind turbine

    On Habré the news about "green" power has been published more than once. And although some of the nuances are very controversial (not always "green" energy is so "green", often to obtain it you need to spend a huge amount of natural resources, including rare earth elements). Nevertheless, there is a positive side to the diffusion of alternative energy technologies. Siemens is one of those companies that deal with such technologies. The other day, company representatives announced the imminent construction on the coast of England (one of the most likely regions) of a large wind turbine.

    To say that the turbine is "big" is impossible. Rather, the word "huge" is the right one. Indeed, the length of just one turbine blade is 75 meters, which automatically puts the upcoming turbine in first place in the world, if you rank the “windmills” by size. At a wind speed of 10 m / s, the load on the turbine will be 181 tons of air (per second). At full load, the speed of the tips of the blades will be 290 km / h.

    Moreover, the blades cannot be composite, they must be a single whole, and in this whole there can be no seams, joints, irregularities. To create the blade, developers use fiberglass, cork (to reduce the total weight of the structure) and epoxy (to strengthen the structure). The giant system is called the B75, and its performance is also impressive.

    The company will install a 6 megawatt turbine of its own production, and the turbine itself will be tested on the Danish coast. After passing the test (successful), the turbines will be installed on the coast of England. Interestingly, on the Airbus A380, the wingspan is equal to the length of one blade. And if you imagine a pilot capable of navigating an airplane between the turbine blades, then the airplane passes freely.

    Via gizmag

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