In court for “Like”

    The prosecution of Russian citizens by the prosecutor’s office for their opinions expressed on the Web has so far concerned blog posts, comments, and in the worst case, micro blog posts. In other words, at least one thing was required for a citizen to express his opinion verbally, and not with a gesture. It seems that no one has been judged yet just because he once clicked on the “Like” button, expressing approval or interest in something such that causes extreme disapproval from the authorities.

    In the summer of 2012, however, even this simple gesture was decided in some cases to be considered unlawful.

    In the yesterday’s message of the topicKazan ”, it’s easy to read that the Tatarstan Prosecutor’s Office charged Vitold Filippov, deputy head of the Republican branch of the party“ Russian National Union ”(ROS), with clicking on the“ Like ”button from a shot from the US movie“ American History X ”- and hence, spread de Nazi symbolism. (One of the characters in the film is tattooed with the image of a swastika.)

    This act of the prosecutor's office looks rather wild, since the named film was not banned either in Russia or abroad; Moreover, in Russia, American History X was repeatedly shown on federal television channels, and in the United States the film was nominated for an Oscar. (For those who have not watched, it is appropriate to tell at the same time that the main idea, the main idea of ​​this film is rather anti-racist, although it shows - clearly and naturally - a whole series of crimes of an interracial nature, committed by black against white and white against black.)

    But it’s even more unpleasant to realize that bringing to administrative responsibility for “like” is closely approaching the Orwellian concept of “thought crime”: now thoughts unpleasant to the state can not be expressed on the Internet not only with a word, but also with a gesture.

    What next? - Perhaps the prosecution for illegal facial expressions observed on the faces of citizens through the eyes of television cameras on webcams?

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