Calculate Linux 5 years!

    Five years ago, the domain was registered and an archive with the first version of the Calculate Linux distribution was uploaded. Only an experienced Gentoo user could install the distribution, as it was distributed as a Stage4 image tarball (913 MB). The console installer, along with the themes and settings, could only be downloaded in a separate archive (17 MB). In addition, Calculate used its original update method by deploying a new version of the system to a free hard disk partition. The first two years the distribution went on the first days of each month.

    The first versions of Calculate Linux had a KDE 3 desktop, designed in its own corporate style, which has not undergone changes throughout the entire time.

    Fig. 1. The appearance of the desktop of the first versions of Calculate Linux

    The main task of opening the project was to share their best practices. We all store information in files, notepads or in bookmarks. Everyone has her own. The site allowed to put together all the necessary documentation and share it with others.

    For a long time, the distribution did not have a graphical installer, all configuration was carried out exclusively by console utilities. Many things took root months or years later. These include the use of binary package repositories, port porting to Git, and support for several distributions. Gradual development made it possible to eliminate the majority of mistakes and not destroy the project.

    Now, for the anniversary of the project, an update is being prepared for Calculate Linux 12.

    Fig. 2. Appearance of the desktop Calculate Linux Desktop 12 KDE

    A distinctive feature of the distribution will be the use of new Calculate 3 utilities (so far only installation and configuration of the system), which took almost 2 years to develop from an idea to an implementation. Calculate utilities are used everywhere - when assembling the system, installing, configuring packages, setting up a user session, etc. Traditionally, utilities work from the console, neglecting the GUI. A feature of the third version of utilities will be the separation on the client server. The client will work both from the console and through the GUI, displaying server information. In this case, the server can run on another machine. At the moment, console and graphical (Qt4) clients are implemented. In the future, as necessary, clients for the Web and Android / iPhone will be written.

    Fig. 3. Appearance of Calculate Console 3.0

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