Data Center Abroad: Equinix LD8

    Not so long ago, we already wrote about the benefits of hosting virtual servers in foreign data centers and for encouraging this. Today we will talk about the British company RUVDS site - Equinix LD8 data center in London.

    Equinix LD8 data center fully meets the requirements of TIER III (99.98%). The entire infrastructure of the data center is reserved according to the N + 1 scheme. In addition to the relevant Uptime Institute certificate, this data center has a PCI-DSS certificate, which is required for hosting payment services, as well as information security certificates ISO 27001, power management systems ISO 50001, quality standard ISO 9000, environmental management standard ISO 1400 and industrial management OHSAS 18001.

    This not the first, but very important foreign RUVDS site. Why? About this - below.

    Fourth platform

    So, in the spring of this year, the Russian hosting provider RUVDS completed negotiations with the British data center Equinix LD8, Huawei and the international backbone telecommunications operator RETN on the establishment of the RUVDS containment system in London.

    The composition of the participants is not accidental. In Switzerland, some time ago, Deltalis data center was created, which is in active demand among consumers. RUVDS has a leased area in the Deltalis data center. RETN provides communication with RUVDS servers in the containment area of ​​the Deltalis data center. And Huawei is a long-time strategic partner of RUVDS, supplying the hosting provider with modern enterprise-class and high-density servers .

    Huawei servers are suitable for working with Internet applications and important corporate systems, for processing and storing big data, cloud computing, providing telecommunications services. They are used by hosting providers and VPS, for example, RUVDS is the official partner of Huawei.

    The RETN provider provides reserved client access to these servers from any region. The delay time is 12-70 ms. This average time will show the PING from your computer to the server in the data center. The time depends on the location of your computer.

    As a result, a network of distributed data centers RUVDS was replenished with the fourth platform: now RUVDS has its own data center in Korolyov, a platform in Moscow, it rents a containment area in the Swiss data center Deltalis and a containment area in London.

    Distributed data centers can provide disaster recovery, data processing continuity, application mobility, implement system migration, increase productivity / capacity, distributed or geographically-localized services.

    Data center Equinix LD8 part of the world's largest data center network and is one of the main traffic exchange points in Europe (LINX, the London Internet Exchange), with more than 690 members in 68 countries around the world. The data center is united in a single network with the largest communication centers in Amsterdam (AMS-IX), the Netherlands (NL-IX) and in Frankfurt (DE-CIX). Located in close proximity to one of the most important financial centers in the world, the LD8 data center provides efficient access to more than 30 European markets and 80 exchanges.

    Equinix LD8 data center is located near the British center of finance. It is considered one of the most modern data centers in England and throughout the European space. He has direct access to major Internet sites in Frankfurt and in the Netherlands.

    It is important that while doing this, RUVDS clients can get access to their virtual servers (VPS) in London at a low price, since the price of VРS is the same regardless of the geographical location of the data centers. Such is the pricing policy of RUVDS. In addition, the price includes a Windows license, and the server is insured by AIG .

    What is the site for in London?

    One of the current applications is VPS servers for traders . In Forex trading, time is money, and even milliseconds are important here. The platform in the Equinix LD8 data center allows customers to have access to ultra-fast execution of transactions and minimal waiting time in the trading system.

    Competition in global electronic financial markets is intensifying. In such conditions, for electronic trading systems and strategies, the speed of the infrastructure on which the execution of transactions takes place is important.

    The speed of order execution usually has the highest priority for traders, especially for those who use automated trading systems. Fast order execution gives an advantage over other traders who compete for order execution at the same price. Quick execution is a big deal profit.

    To achieve the best results of a trading application, it should be placed as close as possible to the networks and servers with which it will interact. VPS servers located near financial data storage and processing centers provide low latency and high execution speed.

    Hosting servers in the Equinix LD8 data center and low network latency with fast data transfer provide the highest possible speed of execution of transactions. Such an instant execution of trading orders achieved through a low-latency environment provides the best trading conditions for traders anywhere in the world, making it possible to execute trades at the best possible price.

    Of course, the range of applications is far from limited. LD8 offers Equinix customers connectivity to more than 100 network service providers, as well as major cloud service providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle.

    The data center Equinix LD8 is considered the leader of colocation services in the world market, and the shares of this company are sold on NASDAQ. It has 175 data centers located in 22 countries on 5 continents.

    Equinix data centers in London

    Equinix data centers in London serve more than 1,000 companies. They are characterized by a dense concentration of financial services, Internet service providers, cloud and IT services, enterprises and content companies, and digital media.

    Equinix London International Business Exchange (IBX) information centers are strategically located around central London and consist of seven buildings of approximately 63,000 square meters.

    Equinix data centers are located next to one of the most important financial centers in the world, served by reliable communication channels and provide access to more than 30 European markets and 80 exchanges. London data centers are connected by two different dark fiber routes.

    LD8 is one of the many commercial data centers of Equinix, whose capitalization reaches $ 22.2 billion. Since its inception, Equinix has invested more than $ 17 billion in its data centers.

    Equinix data center is not just a place to host servers. Customers can locate their server systems in close proximity to the equipment of other tenants. Its customers include Amazon, AT & T, China Mobile, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, Pandora, Comcast, and Verizon.

    The network infrastructure inside the data center connects equipment owned by more than a thousand companies. Equinix does not accidentally call its data centers International Business Exchanges (IBX). This should emphasize international collaboration and data sharing.

    LD8 focuses on data center security. Visitors pass a number of checkpoints and lockout booths. Everywhere - motion detection sensors, surveillance cameras, allowing the security service to monitor all zones of the data center in 24/7 mode. For access control, PIN card readers and biometric readers are used.

    In the data center, the average power per rack is 10–15 kVA. This is quite a traditional indicator. The redundancy of the UPS is implemented according to the N + 1 scheme. There are also two 550 kVA DGI.

    Growth strategy

    At the end of 2016, Equinix announced the purchase of 29 data centers from the American telecommunications company Verizon Communication. Thanks to this deal, the world's largest data center operator has expanded its presence in North and South America. And in February 2018, Equinix, which at that time had the most data centers in the world, announced the purchase of Infomart Dallas, one of the world's largest data center interconnect centers.

    Equinix predicts that by 2026 the number of its corporate clients could grow to 60 thousand. Last year, Equinix had a total client base of about 8,500 people, including about 2,250 corporate clients. Equinix claims that its attractiveness for the corporate market is based on network density, cloud expertise and data center proximity to end users.

    Equinix is ​​positioning its sites as places where businesses can access a large number of cloud services and deploy customized and business-critical applications. The company also believes that it can rely on attracting a larger number of enterprises as they begin to rely on multi-part strategies. This will facilitate the use of Equinix's data center as an important connection point between the enterprise and the multi-cloud, including the clouds of the largest providers.

    Well, in the meantime, the RUVDS containment zone in LD8 is always ready to accept new customers.

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