We need more backpacks: Bobby XL by XD Design

    Somewhere in the Dutch studio XD Design is a vehement Starcraft fan. Only instead of pylons, he makes ... "anti-theft" backpacks. There are six of them: the first such backpack called Bobby appeared in 2016. The last one that reached Madrobots is especially large and spacious. It is called Bobby XL, and you can finally put a serious-sized laptop in it.

    What remains the same

    Externally, Bobby XL is nothing to distinguish from the good old original backpack, which is so fond of Kickstarter backers. Put them next - and see that they are identical. Read the full history of the Bobby backpack in our first review .

    The old concept is completely preserved in Bobby XL. This is, firstly, several layers of anti-cutting materials, from which the walls and the bottom of the backpack are sewn. Above - a dense polyester fabric, under it - shockproof foam, anti-cutting material, polypropylene and lining. Such a "cake" is designed to protect against a typical thief, cutting bags in the crowd or in transport. Doing this operation with Bobby will not work. Since the pickpocket’s main weapon is stealth, it will abandon attempts to cut the inaccessible backpack and switch to another target.

    The second and more interesting half protection: a characteristic design with no visible pockets and zippers. The main zipper is laid on the edge of the back and is closed on top by the widened side walls of the backpack - it cannot be seen and opened while the Bobby XL is on the back of its owner.

    External pockets that promise a thief a quick profit are also nowhere to be seen. All of them - secret, and are in secluded places under the hands of the owner of a backpack.

    Two pockets are located on the sides of the Bobby XL, where its straps are attached to the side walls that protect the main zipper. They are convenient to use for storing a smartphone, wallet, keys, and similar things.

    Next to the right strap is a USB port. Inside it connects poverbank, so that a smartphone or other gadget is easy to charge on the go: connected to the port, hid in his pocket and go further.

    On the back - a pocket for documents. It is not available to anyone most of the time and has been added to store passports and tickets. The fact is that above the pocket there is an elastic band with which Bobby XL is attached to the handle of the suitcase. In this position, the pocket is right under the hands of the owner when he is in a hurry to land on a plane or on a train. Before checking the documents are pulled out of the pocket, then quickly returned to the place. No need to delve into things and open the main compartment in a crowded or insecure place.

    The last secret pocket is in the shoulder strap. It is designed for plastic cards and travel cards. Remember, there is no lightning, so you need to keep track of the card - the risk of falling.

    What has changed in version XL

    The main and most noticeable change is the size. If earlier Bobby was reduced to make the version of the Bobby Compact, now it has been increased by a couple of centimeters in width, length and height.

    The result was a backpack with dimensions of 38 x 17 x 47 centimeters and a weight of 900 grams. The volume has become more: 15 liters versus 13 liters of the original version.

    The compartments for the laptop and tablet on the back have been reworked. In the large compartment will fit a laptop with a diagonal of up to 17 inches. Small is designed for tablets with a diagonal of up to 12.9 inches, it can easily fit not only iPad Pro, but also a small laptop. That is, you can easily transfer two laptops to Bobby XL, if there is such a need.

    A significant disadvantage is the elastic holding device in place in the compartments. Now she is alone and sticky. In the classic Bobby, two rubber bands were put on the corners of the laptop and tablet, which is more reliable.

    Two additional flat pockets appeared above the gadget compartments.

    The location of the pockets and compartments on the outer wall of the backpack has also undergone radical changes. The top pocket for small things with a zipper has ceased to be unprofitable and slightly lost in volume. In this gum organizer for pens remained in its rightful place.

    In the middle a row of two mesh pockets appeared for small gadgets such as e-books, smartphones and banks.

    The bottom row is occupied by two rubber bands for fixing large things and gadgets. The left width is suitable for a thermos or a bottle of water, the right - for a book, camera or small travel bag.

    Serious backpack - a serious person

    The original Bobby backpack was conceived as a roomy urban bag. However, a large laptop does not fit there. Perhaps the considerations were as follows: the pickpocket would grab the lightweight netbook and run away, but it would not think to carry a powerful workhorse. Therefore, we need a bag to protect against theft of compact devices.

    In addition, Bobby's signature armor is heavy. When the backpack is on its back, it is difficult to notice, because it distributes the weight, but the materials are really not light. A large backpack made of the same fabrics risked becoming even more massive.

    The dizzying success of Bobby and the numerous requests from fans have pushed designers to make a large backpack. Bobby XL - a great step in the right direction: more space, more pockets, all the good features saved. Let's hope that the XXL version is just around the corner: it is inconvenient to drag a 3-kilogram monster with a diagonal of 19 inches in your hands, where it is more convenient to carry it on your back.

    You can purchase a Bobby XL backpack in our store . Until July 31, a 13% discount is valid for Habr.com readers. To activate it, enter the promotional code HBRXL when placing the order.

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