Mitap Sberbank and IBM on HyperLedger Fabric

    Hi, Habr!

    Together with our friends from IBM, we invite you to a mitap, where we will tell in detail about HyperLedger Fabric. We are waiting for everyone: developers, architects, engineers, and just those who want to figure out how Fabric works.

    What shall we talk about?

    • Deeply immersed in the components and mechanisms of the HyperLedger Fabric
    • Let's discuss the best practices of building solutions based on HyperLedger Fabric
    • Let's talk about the development and future: what awaits us in the next versions


    • Artem Barger, HyperLedger Fabric Participant and Contributor, IBM
    • Oleg Abdrashitov, director of the Sberbank blockchain laboratory

    July 10 17.00-19.00

    Address: Agile Home Sberbank Kutuzovsky 32, 4th floor, building A, room 13 (4.А.13)


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