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    The not very serious, but curious Klouchebag service allows you to quickly evaluate the activity of a follower on Twitter according to several signs that make up the ARSE rating, the meaning of which can be read on Wikipedia. True, according to the author of the service, in fact, he meant ARSE (Anger, Retweets, Social Apps, English Usage).

    The essence is simple: it is proposed to enter the name of the twitter account in the form, after which the service will evaluate the feed by the following parameters:

    • How often does the account owner use curses or express rage.
    • Whether he constantly writes requests to retweet, he never does it himself, or does he retweet everything.
    • Does it use social apps like Foursquare (it's not very clear why this is bad).
    • And it does not care about the English language - the use of expressions like "OMG!", "LOL!", Messages in lowercase letters, etc.

    In total, the more points, the greater the “asshattery” of the user - the maximum can be scored 100 points.

    The author himself admits that he spent a couple of hours of coding on the service and asks not to take the site’s verdict to his account too seriously.

    [ Klouchebag ]

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