Introducing Google Drive. Yes, yes, that’s true!

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Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President of Products (Chrome and Applications)

Today we are introducing Google Drive - a single space for storing and working with your files. It allows you to work on documents simultaneously with other users - for example, prepare a joint project with a colleague, plan any events or keep track of expenses with partners. Using this service, you can upload to the cloud and have constant access to any files, including videos, photographs, PDFs, text documents and many others - there are 30 types in total.  Google Drive lets you: 

  • Create files and collaborate on them. Google Docs has now become part of Google Drive. Together with other users, you can edit documents, presentations and tables in real time. In addition, you can now leave comments and respond to them in files of any type (PDF, image, video, etc.). If other users comment on the general document, you will receive a notification about this.
  • Protect your files and provide access to them from anywhere, including from a mobile device. All the necessary files of any format will always be at your fingertips - at home, in the office or on vacation, regardless of which device you are working with. Google Drive can be installed on your computer (PC and Mac), and for Android mobile devices you can download the Google Drive app . We are also working on an application for iOS devices. Visually impaired and blind users can work with Google Drive using a special program that converts text to speech, or a screen reader. 
  • Easily find the files you need . You can search by keywords and filter the results by file type, its owner and other criteria. Using optical character recognition technology , Google Drive even “reads” text in scanned documents. For example, if you downloaded an old newspaper clipping, you can search by the words of the text of the article itself. In addition, we have integrated image recognition technology into Google Drive. It works like this: if you “drag” photos from your trip to St. Petersburg into it, then when you enter the search query [St. Petersburg] they appear in the results.

In Google Drive, you can store up to 5 GB of data for free and upload files up to 10 GB in size. This is enough to store and load “heavy” photos from your trips, scanned letters or documents and presentations and HD-videos necessary for work. You’ll even have room to write a whole novel :) If you don’t have enough of this volume, you can expand it to 25 GB with a monthly payment of $ 2.49, up to 100 GB for $ 4.99 per month, and even up to 1 TB for $ 49.99 per month. If you decide to use paid features, your Gmail inbox will increase to 25 GB. We created Google Drive to make working with Google products and services even easier.

. Already today you can publish photos uploaded to Google Drive on Google+, and very soon you can attach files to messages in Gmail. Google Drive is an open platform. Thanks to our collaboration with third-party developers, you can send faxes , edit videos or create site layouts . You can download these applications in the Chrome App Store - their list is constantly updated.

You can start using Google Drive today - just go to . Stay tuned - in the future we will introduce many new features!

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