Workle at the conference "RIF + CIB 2012"

    Workle took part in the main IT-event of the Runet - conference "RIF + CIB 2012", which was held April 18 - 20 in the boarding house "Forest Dali". It's time to share your impressions!

    On the balance of life and work,
    Vladimir Gorbunov, CEO of Workle , presented the presentation “Workle - the first Internet employer” within the framework of the “Personnel” section . The first part of the section was devoted to a review of the labor market, salaries and the demand for IT specialists, and the second part was held under the slogan work & life balance. The question of how to maintain a balance between life and work turned out to be very relevant for all participants in the event. Workle put an end to the dispute "Career goals vs personal life", opening up the opportunity to work and earn in the free schedule, receiving official income.

    Vladimir said that Workle was created in order to meet the needs of business and consumers. Our users can work where there is Internet, offering products of Workle partner companies. The latter, in turn, get the opportunity to create an unlimited staff of remote specialists - independent Workle consultants.

    The leader and participant of the section was Olga Manannikova, Director of Marketing and PR HeadHunter Group. Olga made a presentation “The labor market in the Internet”and outlined the numbers that proved that the World Wide Web has become not only a means, but also a place of employment. Over the year, the number of vacancies on the Internet has grown by 85%, and every 17th vacancy in the labor market is from the Internet.


    About why all startups in Russia are hungry.

    Not a single RIF + KIB conference is complete without startup presentations. Vladimir Gorbunov made a presentation “When is your Skolkovo investor” . Pros and Cons of Mutual Love. ” Workle not only declared itself as a bright and promising startup, but also shared its achievements, because now we can confidently talk about success.

    At the last conference, our mentor Anton Nosik presented the report “Dream Team - Crowd” in the section “How to Build a Dream Company . It was about the “user corporation”, which allows you to learn and build a career directly on the Web. Today, at RIF + KIB-2012, Vladimir Gorbunov summed up Workle's work over the year and talked about the role our investor, the Skolkovo innovation center, played in the development of the project. According to Vladimir, the best definition for a Russian startup is “hungry startup”.

    Project development from scratch is a situation where financial support plays a crucial role. That is why one of the key issues is raising funds: “Getting money from investors for the development of a startup in Russia is not easier than getting pity from the Devil”- said Vladimir. However, Workle by his own example proved that nothing is impossible, the main thing is to focus on achieving the goal.


    When asked about how to start a startup, Vladimir replies with a smile: “Make a list of all investment funds that have their own pages on the Internet, buy coffee and energy, and start methodically phoning one company after another.” In every joke, as you know, there is some truth, and in our case this share is not small. The fact is that in Russia SEED investments (“seed” investments) are practically not developed. “Seriously,” Vladimir continues, “the main principle of startup development is the need to tell everyone about the project. For startups, the rule of three F applies: the initial funds are taken from three sources - family, friends and fools. So, a startup should use all three channels. ” First of all, money is needed to create a product, attract a team, scaling up a business and conducting a marketing campaign. Financial and informational support from the state helps us in popularizing remote work. Having become a resident of the Skolkovo innovation city, we got the opportunity to cooperate with domestic and foreign IT industry experts.


    In addition to the conference, Workle took part in the exhibition held as part of the “RIF + CIB”. At our booth, event participants could get not only answers to all their questions, but also funny stickers that would remind you that Workle makes Internet work accessible to everyone!


    As part of our participation in the RIF + CIB exhibition, we received a lot of proposals for creating new professions. The most frequently offered option was the "online advertising sales manager." In this case , Workle partners can become the largest players in the Internet sphere - a wide scope for choice and action. By the way, ideas for partnership and the creation of new professions are accepted at Write, we are waiting for your suggestions!
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