Tesla Inc opened the opportunity to order Tesla Model 3 for residents of Canada and the United States

    Tesla Model 3 is expected by hundreds of thousands of Tesla customers. The wait was somewhat delayed, and everyone understands this.

    Two years ago, Tesla introduced its new Tesla Model 3 electric car. Then Ilon Mask said that a pre-order for this model could be done by depositing $ 1,000. This was considered a redundancy of the machine, and those who provided Tesla with funds received a place in the queue (which at that time simply did not exist, since Tesla Model 3 existed only in the project).

    Pre-orders left many of the company's customers, in fact, she received applications much more than expected. And what is important, more than can satisfy at the moment. Of course, now Musk is trying to do everything possible to establish the production of electric vehicles in the required amount. But there are a lot of dissatisfied customers - after all, who wants to deposit funds, and then wait a few years for their order? Now part of the customers can relax and enjoy - Tesla has opened up the possibility of a full order of the machine.

    True, so far only for Canada and the United States. Residents of these countries, who previously made a pre-order, can now make $ 2500 and wait several months for their new Tesla Model 3 to arrive. You can choose from several configuration options, including “full stuffing”. That's just the very basic configuration with a price of $ 35,000 to order until it works out - the company gives priority to more expensive orders, and then it will satisfy the desires of those who do not need advanced options.

    This is done in order to make a profit - as far as is known, the basic model either does not give the company any money, or it gives, but the bare minimum. And if Tesla now starts selling base electric cars, then its production capacity will be occupied, but it will not receive profit. What does the customers who expected to get an inexpensive Tesla? The rhetorical question, in the contract, as far as can be understood, all this is spelled out, so it only remains to wait.

    By the way, $ 1000 can be withdrawn at any time - this is no problem. The same client, who paid $ 2500, will also be able, if he wishes, to withdraw his contribution, but only for three days. After that, the pledge is blocked (including that thousand) and the company starts to fulfill the order.

    The head of Tesla, Ilon Musk, promised to achieve a production volume of 5,000 electric vehicles per week by the end of June. According to him, it is this number of cars produced that can satisfy the demand for electric cars from customers. Nevertheless, it was not possible to fulfill the promise 100%, despite all Mask’s attempts to speed up the production process. The company constantly something happened about what many media wrote. The latest news is the accusation of one employee in this sabotage.

    Perhaps the company will be able to achieverequired output in the second half of this year. But even in this case, Tesla will produce 65,000 Tesla Model 3 in the quarter. And the pre-order is about 450,000 copies of electric vehicles, so customers will have to wait, and this will last if Tesla has some kind of trouble.

    However, since Tesla has not yet opened up the possibility of ordering electric vehicles for customers from all over the world, having limited itself to the USA and Canada, then the residents of these countries have a good chance to receive their order quickly enough. According to experts, at best all half a million pre-orders will be satisfied within two years, not earlier.

    The decision to open the possibility of ordering the car was made because electric cars are still being produced, despite all the difficulties, and also because it will help the company prove that it is able to fulfill its own promises. In the second half of 2018, Tesla plans to release about 100,000 Tesla Model 3. There is a third reason that Tesla does not speak openly - most likely, companies just need additional funds. And those same $ 2,500 received from thousands of customers will help solve some current financial problems.

    Earlier it was reported that Tesla is losing hundreds of millions of dollars a quarter. In addition, top managers are leaving the company, which may indicate some complicated internal problems that are not visible to all of us.

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