Modder equips controller for SNES with wireless module

    Despite the rapid progress of the gaming world and gaming technology, the love of gamers for old games and old game consoles does not fade. There are craftsmen who add to the old equipment what he lacked for many years. For example, a wireless module to the game controller for SNES. This is not a new controller, but a standard one, only with changes.

    Outside, changes are almost invisible (except for the lack of wire, added LEDs and a switch). But a lot of things were changed inside. The creator of this project added many functional nodes, managing to fit all this into the old case (even the battery fit there). Of course, this is not a very practical project, but for old-school console gamers, that's it.

    Yes, and of course, in addition to the controller itself, the craftsman also had to make a receiver for the console itself. It also turned out to be not very large, but, of course, noticeable. Nevertheless, the functionality of all this miracle of technology is at its best.

    Via gizmodo

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