Intel Optane Memory H10: Optane + QLC 3D NAND Cache

    In the past 2018 Intel Optane line actively developed: increased storage capacity , increased their speed , introduce new products . 2019 will continue this trend: the year has just begun, and another fundamentally new device has already been announced: the caching Optane Memory and QLC NAND SSD block on one M.2 2280 card called Intel Optane Memory H10 . There was some information about other Optane families - what awaits them this year.

    So, Optane Memory H10 (codename Teton Glacier) is really a new trend in the Optane Memory family: if before caching was used to speed up operations with spindle drives, it now paired with 3D XPoint works with QLC NAND, and not just works, but is on the same substrate. The following combinations of different types of memory will be available:
    3D XpointQLC NAND
    16 GB256 GB
    32 GB512 GB
    32 GB1 TB

    There is little technical information about the new product yet, the product page now contains, in fact, only one photo - it is on the KDPV. But even from it the big-eyed experts were able to draw certain conclusions. In their opinion , the chip and the NAND controller are very similar in appearance to the Intel SSD 660p . In addition, it is clear that NAND and Optane controllers come in two PCIe lines, which suggests that H10 will be presented to the system as two independent NVMe drives, which means that a software layer will be needed to coordinate their work, as well as a special configuration of the M slot. 2, dividing incoming PCIe x4 into two packs of x2. It turns out that the future product may have quite specific hardware and software requirements.

    According to official information, the drive will be compatible with the processors Whiskey Lake and Coffee Lake. The date of its release is named July 2019.

    Now about the prospects of other consumer Optane. At the moment, there are two classes: Optane Memory and Optane SSD. Both in that, and in other categories update is planned. The 2019 models will get a PCIe x4 interface, which will increase their performance; The maximum capacity of the cache Optane Memory will increase to 128 GB, but the SSD volume will remain the same: 118 GB. We will notify you about the official release of all these new products.

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