How to play the user using Radmin

    Radmin - the program is serious, but IT-people can’t do without jokes.
    Often in social networks, blogs and forums, we find funny stories about how friends and colleagues played with Radmin. We decided to share one of them with you.

    Sysadmin with a favorable electromagnetic aura

    "I work as a system administrator.
    Yesterday, one of the most hysterical users (accountant) breaks into me with a knock and shouts:
    “My computer does not restart, because one program crashes and does not respond, but I urgently need it!
    All red, screaming as if I were to blame for all the world's cataclysms. I decided to play a mini-performance. Slowly and insinuatingly broadcast:
    - I understand you. Take it easy. Everything will be fine…
    Meanwhile, I climb through Radmin to her computer, kill the hanging process, reboot the computer. My monitor is not visible to her. The young lady continues to lament.
    - Believe me, you have no problem. All is well, go to your workplace. Everything works for you.
    Seeing my insanity, my aunt turns around and runs to herself. Two minutes later she was again in my doorway with an even more unhealthy look:
    - But how? I definitely saw it, I know! ”

    Surely you also have experience playing with Radmin! Send us your funny stories. Everyone who submits a story will receive a free license for Radmin. Important! Stories must be unique and must not be repeated. Add stories in the comments, and for the most popular of them we will draw a comic and publish in the next post.

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