Github reported DDoS attack

    All week, Github users reported problems with the service.
    Github, in turn, said that they were working on a problem and did not say that their DDoS'yat.
    I also felt these interruptions in work on myself.

    And so, a few minutes ago, they posted a message on their blog , in which they talk about the cause of all these interruptions.
    As you already understood, the cause of the interruptions was the DDoS attack, which began on Saturday.
    For the entire week of attacks, they stayed out for about 1 hour.
    After working together with the hosting provider (for those who don’t remember, they are hosted in Rackspace), they began to feel more stable and said something like this:
    “We are better protected from DDoS attacks than ever before, and we plan that the next week will be better.”

    The service’s health status can be viewed in real time on this page .

    Judging by the posts on the hub, this week was not sweet not only for Github - DDoS, or many ...

    In addition to the topic of DDoS attacks, I’ll write about the fact that the first ipv6 DDoS attack has recently occurred .
    I couldn’t write about it in a timely manner, but now, after a limitation period, I decided not to publish a post about it, but simply to report here. It seems no one has mentioned this on Habré.

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