Startup Request: Kill Hollywood

    Famous startup incubator Y Combinator declared war on Hollywood. It’s proposed to invent a way to kill entrepreneurs, and Y Combinator will provide funding. The conditions are listed in RFS No. 9 (Request For Startup), this is a proposal for financing a startup that implements the idea presented.

    The events of recent months have clearly shown that Hollywood is dying. They think that file-sharing is killing them, but in reality this is a natural process that comes as a result of the technological revolution. In the future, movies will be replaced by new forms of entertainment - perhaps computer games, interactive virtual entertainment, social networks, and other online technologies. While we do not know what the entertainment industry will look like in 20 years, but one thing is clear - Hollywood will die. We need to make this happen as quickly as possible. It is in the interests of all mankind.

    The problem is that Hollywood is too powerful an industry to die quietly and peacefully, like manufacturers of typewriters or film cameras (Kodak and Polaroid quietly went bankrupt, rather than paying laws in the U.S. Congress that prohibit copying digital photos). So, before his death, Hollywood will certainly try to inflict the greatest possible damage on society and the global economy. The SOPA example demonstrates this perfectly.

    Each year, Hollywood devotes huge sums to lobbying its interests in Congress and the Senate. Every year they take more and more stupid bills. Fortunately, almost all of them do not reach the Congressional voting procedure, but in 2011 the two bills SOPA and PIPA reached dangerously close. They have now been recalled., this time passed. But next year, all this will inevitably happen again, because Hollywood will not stop, and his dying agony will be stronger every year, which brings him closer to death.

    Y Combinator offers financing for a startup that will accelerate the death of Hollywood. This startup should set the goal of promoting new forms of entertainment. These types of entertainment should be designed primarily for the audience that still watches TV and movies. Perhaps at the first stage it will look like help in the development of the TV and film industry, but it will be a false impression (as Microsoft at first seemed to “help” IBM, supplied them with technology, but in reality it was a deceptive maneuver, well thought out plan to crush the whole market in the future).

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