A look at the final version of the Playstation Vita with CES

    We have already made a small preview of consoles Sony Playstation Vita with the conference IFA 2011 . But there, only the gameplay was demonstrated, and access to the menus and interfaces was closed. This time, in Las Vegas, it turned out to study in more detail the new portable console.

    After much interrogation, Sony representatives  admitted that the system is based on Android , but it is not easy to recognize it. The interface is very modified.

    Applications and games are located on several desktops in the form of round stylized icons that scroll down from top to bottom. When the application is launched, it is displayed as a page with dynamic content (similar to widgets). In the upper right corner of the screen is the notification area.


    Games for PS Vita will be sold on special memory cards or through the online store. Regarding compatibility with previous versions of PSP , while Sony announced that the new portable console will support thosePSP games that are present on the PlayStation Network . A discount program for game owners on UMD  discs will also be launched .

    The global start of sales of the console is scheduled for February 22, 2012. The price of a wifi version in the USA will be $ 249 , and with a 3G module - $ 299 .

    UPDATE : The price of the PSVita prefix in Russia will be 12490 rubles. for the wifi version.

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