Wikipedia is 11 years old!

    Today, January 15, 2012, marks the 11th anniversary of the well-known universal Internet encyclopedia of Wikipedia .

    Several million people use the site daily to find the information they need. At the moment, it contains more than twenty million articles, the accuracy of which, according to research, is not less than in the British Encyclopedia. 80% of the articles are not in English.
    If you were paid a dollar for each Wikipedia article , you would have earned $ 1,712 per hour.
    According to Alexa , Wikipedia ranks 6th among the most visited sites in the world with 400 million hosts per month.
    The main feature of the Wikipedia Internet Encyclopedia(thanks to the wiki technology that underlies the functioning of the site) is that every user of the Internet can, in principle, create and edit its articles, and in the vast majority of cases even without registering on the encyclopedia's site. All changes made by such volunteers to any article in this encyclopedia immediately become visible to all visitors to the site.
    Happy Birthday Wikipedia!

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