The first batch of 25-dollar Raspberry Pi computers went into production

    It seems that the developers of Raspberry Pi keep their promise - it was previously said that the first Raspberry Pi computers will be available in January this year. And indeed, the first batch of these computers has already entered production. The batch size will be 10 thousand copies. As mentioned earlier, despite the fact that a computer costs only $ 25, it includes all the necessary elements, so it will work as it should.

    The developers launched two Raspberry Pi models into production at once, including Model A and Model B. The second differs from the first in its configuration, and, accordingly, in price. Model B costs $ 35, unlike model A, which costs $ 25. This computer is very small in size, no more than a credit card. The PC configuration includes a Broadcom BCM2835 SoC processor, plus an ARM processor with a frequency of 700 MHz.

    A memory card connected via a card reader is used as an information storage device. Linux is installed on the memory card. As for the difference between model A and model B, the second model has 256 MB of RAM, and the first has 128 MB. In addition, model B has an Ethernet port.

    The developers report that at the end of February both models will be available for purchase. As for the Linux distribution that comes with the device, Debian or Fedora will be used. The distribution will include the Iceweasel browser and the KOffice office suite.

    Raspberry Pi, according to the developers, will be used mainly by students who will help this computer to better learn computer science, plus, perhaps, learn how to program. In any case, the computer for $ 25 is available to the vast majority of people.

    Via pcadvisor

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