Facebook lets you listen to music with friends

    Facebook invited users to listen to music at the same time as friends. The new feature was introduced in the official blog of the service .

    Now a Facebook user who sees that one of his friends is listening to music will be able to click the Listen With button and join the listening to the same track. In addition, users will be able to create groups of up to 50 people and listen to music that will be “put” by the one they choose as a “DJ”. Messages about tracks listened to with friends will appear in the user feed.


    Representatives of Facebook promised that users will be able to customize the degree of privacy of the new feature: they will determine which friends will be able to see the music they listen to and join the listening.

    The new function will work only for those who have Facebook applications for Spotify and Rdio services installed. If a user who wants to listen to music with a friend does not have such an application, then by clicking on Listen With he will be offered to install it.

    The new Facebook feature is similar to the Turntable.fm service , launched in 2011, although it is available only in the United States. Participants can also listen to music at the same time as one of their friends or create massive groups to listen to. Listeners, in turn, can appreciate successful and unsuccessful music collections.


    via huffingtonpost

    UPD.Now Vkontakte has the “Broadcast to my page” functions, i.e. when you listen to audio, and press this button, the current track will begin to be displayed in your status. Very similar to the innovation from Facebook.

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