What awaits us in 2012?

    The magic of New Year's Eve and Christmas is still with us, which means we must take advantage of this. Don’t be afraid, we will not urge you to guess, we will just tell you what makes our common “matrix” more interesting and allows us to make assumptions about the trend of our life in the coming year. We will not try to introduce another useless horoscope for the coming year on your hard drive into your subconscious or to talk about online services for predicting future changes and the dependence of your mood on the layout of the planets. This post is dedicated to 10 standard and non-standard rules that will help you maintain positive karma throughout 2012.

    Crispy bills, sonorous coins and even modern plastic - they all love to “live” in beautiful, high-quality and expensive wallets. Money loves when they have their own home. An expensive purse emphasizes the status of the owner, which many people know how to use to achieve success.

    The use of ATMs with an unusual appearance is highly likely to result in a loss of funds from the card account. Skimmers (devices for reading information from bank cards), overhead keyboards and portable video cameras help the dark forces to get all the necessary information to withdraw your money. These devices successfully disguise themselves as ATM details, so be careful.

    Money cannot be given in the evening. Some people put them on the floor if you still have to transfer a certain amount to friends or acquaintances. Please note that few people remember this rule during the evening shopping trip!

    Your online wallet password must be at least 13 characters long, including letters, numbers, and the underscore magic symbol or underscore. This protects electronic savings from corruption, the evil eye and brute force.

    Money cannot be raised from the floor. Sorcerers and “charge” the thrown money with bad energy. A person can even get sick if he raises a coin.

    Money from electronic wallets and bank accounts can disappear imperceptibly if a person does not use complex Internet security systems, clicks on suspicious links and launches unknown executable files. The most powerful representatives of the dark forces easily bypass any defense. Internet banking and the use of electronic wallets will be safer if additional precautions are taken (limiting the amount of a one-time payment, confirming transactions by phone).

    Banknotes in the purse should be in ascending (descending) order, face to the owner. Money not only loves cozy "houses", but is jealous of the order in it.

    Your need for money will decrease if you spend a lot of time on the Internet. Work, social networks, games, there are a lot of activities on the Internet that are no less interesting than spending money.

    Money should be taken on inhalation and given on exhalation. This ritual is associated with the idea that a person exchanges energy with the outside world during breathing.

    Large expenses can wait for you, if your computer constantly goes to reboot, you cannot install or start the operating system. Replacing a processor or hard drive is the price of the issue in many cases. Preventative maintenance will help to avoid unplanned losses.

    There is a sign of money, which comes true almost always. That person will live in abundance, who is busy with what he loves, regularly studies the laws of money, plans his budget at SMP ON Bank and avoids thoughtless spending.

    Friends, how do you attract good luck and money?

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