New Year's gift from DevExpress

    The New Year is approaching and everyone seems to have a pre-holiday or holiday mood in anticipation of the upcoming fun and receive gifts :-)

    For those programmers who use the .NET platform, DevExpress together with Microsoft also prepared a small gift - a free Map Control for working with maps in WPF applications.

    Here is a short video demonstrating this control in action:

    Among the features of our free WPF Map control, I would like to note the following:
    - work with major map providers, such as Bing Maps and OpenStreetMap;
    - Built-in navigation elements for end users;
    - support for loading shapes from the Shapefile format, as well as the ability to draw your shapes;
    - drawing several layers on top of each other;
    - tooltips and much more ...

    To get this control as a gift, you need to go to the English-language MSDN website and click on the banner that says "Unwrap your map":

    Hint: If you have the Russian-language MSDN website open by default , then you can click on this link instead of banner -

    After that, you will go to the corresponding page on the DevExpress website, where you will need to click on the “Send me my map” button:

    Then you need to fill out the registration form and you will receive an e-mail with a unique link to your Map control installation.

    That's all. Now your lineup will also have free WPF Map control!

    We congratulate all Khabrovsk citizens on the upcoming New Year and wish them to bring you only positive emotions and good mood every day next year!

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