The holiday comes to us! The holiday comes to us! Celebration? To us? Is coming?


    New Year's Eve is always connected with a bunch of difficult questions: where is better to go? What is the best mojito or olivier recipe? What gifts should Aunt Glasha and sister Alenka choose? What to see for the New Year, except for the president? Naturally, almost all advanced humanity, from a hipster to an office worker, is looking for answers to these eternal questions on the Internet through the Big Omniscient Search Engines.

    However, these machines are completely soulless and do not always feel that they give the wrong, and sometimes even harmful advice. Having clicked on such a harmful result, the user comes to an infected site, after which the fun New Year's bustle can be overshadowed by a large beautiful porn banner, or by a sunken Trojan stealing credit card details, which, you see, is completely unpleasant and not at the right time. Actually, it became interesting to us what it is dangerous to look for in the cold winter season, and we present to your attention the New Year hit parade of thematic queries, by entering which in December you could fall into the traps of cybercriminals.

    Data retrieved from KSN based on statistics about blocked URLs. That is, every time we save a user, we get a report from the antivirus that contains the fields: what exactly did we save from (the name of the malware and URL), and who sent the user there (referrer).

    Many associate the New Year with a lot of free time, and therefore you can watch movies, TV shows and shows. It is clear that many are looking for "free" versions and periodically stumble upon all kinds of Trojans. New Year's “dangerous” video chart looks like this:

    A placeFilms
    one Puss in Boots 2011
    2 Zombies vs Ninja 1987
    3 Fast and the Furious 5
    four Twilight 4
    five War of the Gods: Immortals
    6 Mr. Popper's penguins
    7 Painted angels
    eight Black Lagoon Pirates
    9 Smeshariki: The Beginning
    ten Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

    Basically, of course, the news of the outgoing year, although there are a couple of rarities and even anime.
    Who has more free time on holidays, they are looking for series and programs:
    A placeTV series / transmission
    one Karamba TV
    2 Holidays in Mexico
    3 Masha and the Bear
    four Usavich
    five Rio Rainbow Gate 2
    6 Uni season 6
    7 Real boys season 3
    eight Our rush 5
    9 King of the hill
    ten Interns 89 series

    Holidays are also an excellent occasion to chop various computer toys with friends:
    A placeA game
    one Counter strike
    2 Angry birds
    3 STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl
    four Batman: arkham city
    five The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
    6 Tekken
    7 Castleville
    eight Mortal kombat
    9 Saints row the third
    ten Call of duty modern warfare 3

    On New Year's holidays, people are clearly going to do a little bit of scuffle in the circle of friends, as the Tekken and Mortal Kombat positions hint at.

    Before the chimes, there is less time left to have time to do what has been planned this year. Therefore, many users at this time are asked not only the eternal questions of the Russian intelligentsia “What to do?” And “Who is to blame?”, But also the question “How ...?”:
    A placeQuestion
    one How to learn telekinesis
    2 How to make him marry
    3 How to make him think of me
    four How to make him come back
    five How to decorate a duck
    6 How to crack a contact
    7 How to make a website?
    eight How to weave baubles
    9 How to color eyelashes with paint
    ten How is the Internet

    Attackers did not hesitate to infect websites and purely New Year's topics, which can be found by requests:
    A placeRequest
    one Christmas songs
    2 Snowfall would
    3 SMS Happy New Year 2012
    four New year themes for windows 7
    five New Year's scripts for elementary school
    6 Christmas wallpaper
    7 New Year hairstyles for short hair
    eight Party decor
    9 New Year crafts
    ten Elf yourself 2011

    I’ll add a few requests to the appetizer that made a lasting impression. Two search hits of December are a couple of "incomprehensible female desires" and "how to increase penis at home." In general, a kind of preparation for the holidays for some.

    Whatever you look for in the New Year, do not forget about protecting your computer so that attackers do not slip you a pig in the year of the dragon. Enjoy surfing the expanses of the World Wide Web! Holiday greetings!

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