BlackBox - a miniature printer for printing sms

    Not so long ago, news was published on Habré about a printer that prints messages from the microblogging service Twitter. Following this idea, the Black Box device was created, designed to print SMS messages, messages from various kinds of Internet messengers and other similar programs. Apparently, this is only a concept, although on the author’s site the device is described as real.

    Among the marked functions of the device (concept?) - listing of all messages from the connected device, which can be a mobile phone or laptop, in two copies. Just like in a cash register. The idea of ​​the project is to preserve messages that are important to humans over time. Messages are often deleted from the device, for various reasons. Sometimes there is not enough memory, sometimes, something just goes wrong, and messages disappear.

    But the printout made by BlackBox can be stored for years. If the messages are expensive, like a memory, or simply in the conversation stream there is some very important information, all this can be saved. BlackBox can print any stream of messages, regardless of their length. The main thing is that there is enough paper - in this case, the role of paper media is played by paper for cash registers.

    As mentioned above, to start the BlackBox, it’s enough to connect the devices, configure the connection and synchronization, and the BlackBox will start working. Unfortunately, it is not clear when the device will be on sale, at any price it will be sold. If the device does begin to sell, then it will obviously become very popular, especially among geeks.

    Via designbuzz

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