TeamLab: results of 2011, plans of 2012

    2011 was a very busy and productive year for the TeamLab project . We were able to strengthen our positions in the markets of Europe and the USA, increased the number of users by six times and competed with the largest business applications. In our final post, we want to tell you exactly what has been done and what updates await users next year.

    “Five-year plan for the year” or Updates 2011

    March - release of the “ Documents ” module

    May - release of the mobile version of the “Community”

    June - addition of functionality for differentiating access rights

    June - creation of a detailed help center for TeamLab

    July - release of an online editortext documents, spreadsheets and presentations

    in September - the release of a mobile version of "project"

    in October - the release calendar

    October - the release of the full mobile version of a "document"

    in November - the release of the system CRM

    in December - translation portals in Chinese, Polish and Czech

    Future plans for 2012.

    In the at the beginning of the year, the Documents module will be updated . Key innovations:

    - Display content across the width of the entire workspace at 1000px;

    - adding filtering options with search and sorting;

    - Adding vector graphics format .svg for creating and editing documents;

    - access to files by reference even for a user without registration;

    - the ability to shorten the link to the document in the form of***

    You can take a look at the new interface now:

    Then the TeamLab API will follow :

    It will be a REST API with JSON | XML data formats for access to all TeamLab modules, thanks to which experienced in programming, users will be able to import / export the necessary data, create applications that work with TeamLab, and also integrate TeamLab into their services.

    In 2012, it is also planned to release its own Email client and a mobile version of CRM. But the most unexpected and 100% unique innovation, which so far no similar service can boast of, we will present in the second quarter. We really want to work ahead of the curve, as they say. So, stay with us, we will still pleasantly surprise you;)

    You can also write “multi-letters” about what a wonderful team we are and how we always strive to meet the wishes of users, but you probably already have time for New Year's corporate parties, and I would like more specifics. And it will definitely be - next year we will talk about how different departments of our project work, for example, how our support manages to respond promptly to everyone and always. We also remember the promise to tell how we attract users outside of Russia and the CIS. In the meantime - all a good rest on vacation and productive work in 2012!

    Holiday greetings! :)

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