Rereading Cooper

    It will be a wonderful book by Alan Cooper, Robert Reiman, David Cronin, “On the Interface”. This book presents a huge layer of knowledge of the authors, which opens the eyes to the creators of digital products.

    After re-reading this monumental work, I found an interesting phrase. She somehow slipped away from me until this time:

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig 1
    (Pig is a pig, no matter how beautiful it is)

    What is the exact formulation of the idea of ​​“cosmetic hole patching” in modern products. Web 2.0, cloud computing, distributed networks, SAAS are just implementation models. Few people know what goals a user has when working with a certain product.

    Products evolve, develop, change, reincarnate, but remain far from the user. Maybe you also paint another pig?

    Took a note. Periodically check the color of my pigs. Maybe someone else will come in handy to create another “magic interface” 2 according to Cooper.
    1. Chapter 1. Modern design of digital products.
    2. Chapter 6. Step 4. The game of magic.

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