Daily Sales - aggregator of discount offers from Chinese online stores

    About six months ago, I was very addicted to Chinese goods - a bunch of cool gadgets, mostly completely useless, but because of this no less desirable, make my life (and mail workers, to whom I go almost every week) brighter, the mezzanines are more cluttered, and the neighbors are simply shocked by some things +)

    Recently, in many Chinese online stores interesting sales began to appear, in which the price of the product develops depending on the number of people who bought it. Moreover, discounts are tasty and not the most stupid goods. In general, I had to monitor these sites every morning so as not to accidentally miss something interesting.

    And of course, after a few days I got tired of it. Over the night I sketched such a little site here - http://d-sales.ru. Product information is updated every 10 minutes (progressive discounts, and some products are limited in quantity). Next in line are several more stores.

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