Happy Programmer's Day!

    Charles Babbage’s followers, modest geniuses and eternal heroes of jokes called programmers , today is the time to forget about controllers, registers and translators at least for a while, because the day of the programmer is already sweeping the country!

    While millions of users around the world enjoy the benefits you have been granted, you work around the clock in inhuman conditions: bullets whistle above your head , hanging wires hang around you, meanders curvature software codes, and do not leave annoying lamers alone. And we thank you 1024 times for your work!

    Thanks to the eternal confrontation between white architects and black hackers , scientific and technological progress is thriving every minute, giving each of us the opportunity to live, work and relax with our favorite toys, useful software, all new programs!

    And let your storage devices not refuse you, sweet tea will not spill on the next keyboard and find at the right time in the vast pockets of your pants, worn from the zeal of your pants, a USB drive!

    May the great BASIC, Focal, Pascal and Ada forgive us, but these languages ​​are unknown to us, and therefore we will congratulate you simply and sincerely - Happy Programmer , good health and prosperity to you! Luxoft Personnel


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