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    The WIPO Translate (World Intellectual Property Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization) interactive translation service is

    highly relevant, as millions of patents are registered annually. If there are many international applications and patents submitted, including, in English, there are documents that exist only in Japanese, Korean, Chinese.

    A version update message appeared in September 2017.

    The service is designed for online translation of patents contained in the database, which is continuously updated and contains tens of millions of text files of patents. Works with 18 language pairs: (Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese - into English and vice-versa). The use of the neural version of machine translation is being accelerated, the previous version of statistical machine translation (based on databases of parallel texts) is being used to an ever lesser extent.

    Configured by the user to translate patent information:

    Examples of fully automatic translation (without interactive interaction and post-editing):

    For both examples, the subject area is selected: Automotive & Road Vehicle Engineering

    The first example is USA PATENT 9,784,382

    It means that the valve is not in contact with the valve seat. In the long run, there is a valve casing, which is actuated by a motorized reduction gear. The valve seat has a lip seal. The electric motor is a small DC motor. The reduction gearing is linear. Slip-on-pin and pin-up pinion gearing

    Gas shut-off valve for installation in gas meters, has a valve disc, which can move in the longitudinal direction relative to _ its seat. The movement is carried out using a linear unit, held in the longitudinal direction of the valve body, which is driven by an electric motor through a gearbox. The valve seat has a lip seal. The electric motor is a small DC motor. Gearbox and linear unit installed in the valve body panel. The linear unit is a rack-and-pinion gear or rotary screw gear, _ with an adjusting nut for the element and an adjusting rod.

    Conclusions: It is an advanced translation, and by the way, in places it is written quite human (marked _):


    An electrically powered motor vehicle has a rear axle assembly. The main frame includes a front frame subassembly, a floor-panel subassembly, a rear frame subassembly, and a top frame subassembly. Each of these frame subassemblies includes a structure of steel elements. Each of the subassemblies is prearranged for being pre-assembled separately. The structure is such that it gives you access to high energy consumption. In one embodiment designed for transport of goods,

    An electrically driven vehicle includes a main frame, a front axle assembly and a rear axle assembly. The main frame includes a front frame assembly, a sub-panel subassembly, a rear frame assembly and an upper frame assembly. Each of these frame assemblies includes a lattice structure comprising steel box-shaped elements, preferably high-strength steel elements. Each of the frame subassemblies is preassembled separately and then assembled together with other subassemblies to form the main frame. The structure is such as to provide high production flexibility, and at the same time has significant safety characteristics due to the high shock absorption capacity. In one embodiment for transporting goods,

    Another example

    Another example of the work of the WIPO Translate service: fully automatic translation of text from a patent (without editing). The base of parallel texts contains 65 million records. Options - statistical or neural translation, domain selection, post-editing.

    An electric tool includes a motor link (12) for a working element, and a memory adapter (6) for a driving element. The controller is configured to operate in a learning mode and an execution mode. In the learning mode, the controller is in the memory mode. In the execution mode, it is necessary to ensure that the controller is in control of the instrument. Since the electric tool has been in the process of

    The electric tool includes an electric motor (12) for driving the working element, a controller (2) connected to the engine, a first user input device connected to the controller, and a memory device (6) connected to the controller. The controller is designed to work in the training mode and in the execution mode. In the learning mode, the controller is configured to record a changing pattern of operation of an electric tool and store the changing pattern in memory. In runtime, the controller is configured to control the electric tool to operate without user intervention by replaying the changing pattern stored in memory. In training mode, end users can pay less attention to work,

    Since English has become a leader in the information sphere, the translation of patents from oriental languages, especially from Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, when there is only text in the applicant's language, is particularly relevant.

    Here is an example of translating a patent from Japanese to English.
    JP6013326 (Machine translation, Japanese-English)
    Text based on automatic Optical Character Recognition processes. To provide a plenum of legal

    issues for legal matters [MEANS FOR SOLVING PROBLEMS]
    It is a method for the use of a semiconductor device. It is a process that has been carried out. tube, and predetermined processing

    and then from English to Russian

    [problem solving]
    Thus, the present invention provides a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, an object to be processed is inserted into a process tube, and a predetermined processing pressure is applied to the object to be processed at a given processing temperature and a predetermined processing pressure, and after the object to be processed is introduced into the process tube, the process tube set to a temperature lower than the pressure (* probably an error due to an error in the translation into English. And / or in the original, when recognizing hieroglyphs) processing, and the temperature is higher than the processing temperature thereafter, the processing pressure and the processing temperature are set in the process pipe, and a predefined treatment is applied to the object being processed

    Of course, the WIPO Translate service invested not from private companies, but from the fund of the World Intellectual Property Organization, operating under the auspices of the UN. Well, thanks to them, the service is publicly available.

    PS: The trend in the field of machine translation is explicit - a block of client-oriented machine translation integrated with the translation memory (database of parallel texts on a limited range) + neural networks + training on client texts + use of the cloud environment.

    This so-called Customized Machine Translation, several companies declare themselves leaders in this field.

    Versions are offered for individual industries, including automotive, electronic, software.

    There is a demo, but you have to pay for “really feel”.

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