Rebels deface registry front page .LY

    .LYProbably everyone is aware of the latest Libyan incidents where battles between rebels and forces loyal to Colonel Gadaffi are being fought on the streets of Tripoli. Today in the city there is not even a telephone connection. But all Libyan domains of various services like and continue to work.

    Yesterday, the rebels even crept into the building of the state telecom operator and deface the main page of the domain zone registration .LY - :


    Pages of other sites, like the operator , so far without noticeable deviations.

    How will this affect other sites in the .LY zone, you ask?

    Most likely, this will be remembered by history as a case when adrenaline hits the head with a river, they constantly shoot on the street, and everyone will get a little fright.

    Firstly, only one page was defaced - the main one. Other pages like and other registry sections work.

    The root of the .LY zone server, and 5 of them around the world, have not yet been touched. Two servers are located directly in Tripoli. Two are in America (in Oregon), and one is in Holland.

    The root server in Tripoli has already dropped out of the Internet over the past six months during various military operations many times. The whole world quietly receives DNS records from other servers. In fact, a request is sent to Libya subject to geographical proximity - and this, as a rule, is only from northern Africa.

    I think the defunct page will be removed as soon as the receptionists get into their telecom building or get Internet access to the broken site at home.

    The only thing that users of the .LY zone should be wary of is if the hackers still take up the master root server and start deleting domain name records directly on it while synchronizing to other root servers. It is unlikely, but if this happens, ICANN will be forced to intervene and freeze the zone until better times.

    Source: .LY of course!

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