N00ter software package avoids traffic shaping

    The principles of network neutrality, formulated not so long ago, look pretty attractive to users. As for Internet providers, few of them adhere to these principles, most of them still cut down on traffic of a certain type, artificially narrowing the channel. Mobile operators are especially guilty of this (in the United States, even a few cases were against Verizon and AT&T). So far, everything remains unchanged, but a way has already appeared to bypass the artificial traffic restrictions left by providers. Den Kaminsky , a well-known expert on network security, has created a software package that allows not only to find out what types of traffic are shaped by the provider, but also to avoid bottlenecks.

    The software package was called N00ter (from neutral router). By the way, the software was presented by Kaminsky at the next Black Hat conference on computer security (in fact, these conferences are always devoted to this topic). The software product from Kaminsky was announced, but on the Web it will only appear in a couple of weeks.

    Well, they will look forward to it, since the N00ter can really bypass shaping traps by masking traffic types. This masking is done by creating a special type of VPN, so that traffic is passed through a proxy, which allows you to hide the source of traffic and, so to speak, the final destination. As a result, any type of traffic passes at the maximum speed available for a particular channel.

    The purpose with which Kaminsky created his software is to give Web users the opportunity to work without traffic restrictions. In addition, N00ter allows you to see what restrictions are set by which provider. Most providers claim that they don’t “cut anything”, although in reality most types of traffic cut this or that type of traffic (especially US providers, although most likely they simply don’t cover this problem in other countries).

    Via Yahoo

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