Mashable: Google will abandon the brands Blogger and Picasa in favor of Google+

    Within four to six weeks, Google is going to remove from circulation non-Google brands Blogger and Picasa. They will be renamed under the common brand of Google. According to information from informed sources (an exclusive edition of Mashable), the Blogger blogging platform will be called Google Blogs, and Picasa will become Google Photos.

    This step is part of a common initiative to unify brands in connection with a key event - the launch of the Google+ social network. The company is trying not to miss the moment and do everything possible to promote it. Changing the sign may frighten away some part of the audience of these services, but it will allow integrating them into Google+.

    Blogger, Picasa, and Youtube are Google’s most popular web services that run under old signs. According to the source Mashable, the Youtube service will retain its former name. Although the stakes are so high that even such a renaming can be imagined.

    Google has changed the names of purchased products before: the JotSpot acquired in 2006 became Google Sites, and the GrandCentral VoIP service purchased in 2007 was renamed Google Voice. However, Blogger and Picasa were bought much earlier (2003 and 2004, respectively) and have long been working for a wide audience under such names. In particular, Blogger is among the ten most visited Internet sites. This unification of brands will be the largest in the history of Google.

    According to reports, the unification of brands can be timed to coincide with the public launch of Google+. This should happen no later than July 31. By the way, on this day all private (closed) profiles on Google Profiles will be deleted .

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