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Torrent Stream Magic Player is a completely new addition that allows users to play streams of video and music, through torrents, directly in their browser. Magic Player works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and supports many popular sites, including The Pirate Bay, isoHunt, BTjunkie and EZTV (rutracker, etc.). This is one of the first solutions for creating true video on demand directly in the browser, using the BitTorrent protocol.

While millions of people still use BitTorrent every day to download videos, online streaming video sites are becoming more and more dominant for online entertainment. Almost every video file available through BitTorrent can already be found somewhere on online video sites, both paid and completely free.

Although BitTorrent was one of the first technologies to easily download very large video files, it should now catch up a bit. Many people want video and music on demand, and if BitTorrent wants to remain a major player, then today it should be able to do it.

To this end, in recent years, many torrent clients have begun adding streaming playback to their functionality, and there are also several Internet services that offer similar capabilities. Torrent Stream Magic Player is a new service for streaming, which compares favorably with others, offering true video-on-demand (VoD), through an addition to the browser.

This is a free add-on., developed by a team of Russian (generally Ukrainian) developers, for installation on Windows OS (Mac and Linux will be available this fall), adds the option “Play torrent online” to the browser context menu. As soon as the add-on and the plugin are installed, the user will have to right-click on the link leading to the torrent file (.torrent) and this unusual player will immediately appear.
On most trackers, on the release pages there is already a “Magic player” button, which is designed to launch the player, without using the context menu. The list of trackers where there is such a button is presented on the site of this add-on and on the pages of its installation. The list of such sites will be constantly updated, without updating the extension! ..


If the user has good network bandwidth, then with a correctly selected torrent file, the video and audio track starts playing in just a few seconds. Additional controls also give the user the ability to manage the playlist and any other actions, with the ability to pause the stream from the torrent file when necessary.

The add-on is at an early stage of development and the developer told TorrentFreak that many new features will be added in the near future. In addition to obvious corrections, users will also have the opportunity to choose the style for the player. The team is also working to reduce the pre-buffering time to provide an even faster start to playback.

There is another upcoming opportunity, the function of which will be a bit controversial. Developers are working on an update that will allow users to play videos and music on portals that do not offer content on their own. This “magic button” will appear when users browse sites such as IMDb (kinopoisk), and it will allow you to directly start streaming playback of content based on the contents of the page on which the user will be located.

We tried the add-on and can confirm that it works as promised. Although the add-on can be improved on some small points, it doesn’t have that sense of awkwardness like any other browser-based streaming solution through torrents. This works well with both video and music, it is definitely worth a try.

Interested readers should know that in addition to streaming, data is also stored on the local computer and must be deleted independently ... More information, tips and advice can be found on the Torrent Stream Magic Player website

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